Monday – Step It Up!

Paula Jager
Sunday, January 23, 2022 - 21:00


EMOM for 9 minutes
Min 1:  4-6 ea DB front rack step ups 

Min 2:  6-8 ea seated DB 1 arm shoulder press 

Min 3:  :30s strict pull ups

Back Squat 4x12
Choose a load between 60-70% and go ham for all 4 sets
E3MOM for 4 rds


Tabata push ups
8x:20s work, :10s rest

Scaled:  incline on box/bar
Scale up:  true push ups (use a box for the feet of a similar height and no weight for those doing true push ups)


Tabata Ring Rows
8x:20s work, :10s rest