March 3, 2011

Paula Jager
Thursday, March 3, 2011 - 11:41
Thursday, March 3, 2011


Warm up:  TMU of pvc good mornings / burpees

Skill/Focus:  1 Arm DB Row
1-2 sets to find your working weight.  Focus on form and technique

15 L arm DB row  60-75# / 30-40#
15 R arm DB row
15 L arm swings 30-35# / 20-25#
15 R arm DB swings
30 hollow rocks
50 double unders



As you know we are priveledged to have LEO officers as part of our CF family here at Jaguar.  One of the outstanding officers (who shall remain nameless)  has generously donated a Taser gun  to use on those of you who do not put the dumbbells back in their proper place.  (S/H)e was quite irritated the other night when trying to find a dumbbell and almost tripped over those left in the middle of the floor.

Love you all and you're great about putting stuff away but please let's put the dumbbell's back in their proper order so the classes after can find the weights they are looking for.  We don't need a degree in mathematics to know that the dumbbells go in the following order--10's, 15's, 20's, 25's etc. . .

. . . and I know you don't want any of our LEO's on your bad side:)

Challenge Celebration:  We are gearing up for the Primal Potluck Party to celebrate the conclusion of our 8 week Look Good Naked Challenge.  Sat. March 12 at 10 ish for brunch.  Please email me with what you will be bringing.  ALL CrossFitters are invited, not only the challenge participants.  And dress as your favorite athlete or action hero for the wod and brunch!