March 10, 2011

Paula Jager
Thursday, March 10, 2011 - 11:55
Thursday, March 10, 2011

Look Good Naked

Warm up:  2x 10 mtn climbers (ea leg), 10 ring rows, 10 box jumps, 10 diamond push ups

40 burpee box jumps
80 lunges (40 ea leg)
40 ring rows
10 Turkish get ups 55#/40# (5 ea arm)
20 swings
40 wall balls
80 double unders (240 jr)
200 ft versa climber
for time



Some awesome comments and brief testimonials from participants posted on FaceBook thus far that I wanted to share. . .

Shaina Sine
Well, my weigh-in is done. But I definitely don't see this as being the end of the road. A huge THANK YOU to everyone in this group and at the box (especially Paula for scouring food logs!). You guys made it so much easier to find new recipes and vent when I hit mental and physical walls. I look forward to using everything I've learned to continue preparing paleo foods. Congratulations to everyone, too - you all kicked ass!

Amy Cazin
Shocked at my results!! Funny thing is I have been waiting to just have a banana and do not even feel like eating the things I thought I would want to or thought I was craving. I'm craving the paleo recipes, like the sweet pot pancakes and plantain chips with guac that I did not get to try! I have to say it will be nice to have a glass of wine, but I just feel amazing! Thanks to everyone who kept me on my toes and pushed me especially to Paula for going above and beyond as a trainer and leader! Good luck and congratulations to everyone and see you Saturday!

Richard Nussel
Done with this challenge...Paula commented, "are you ever satisfied with your results?" It was a good challenge and while I am happy I don't want to loose the edge by being satisfied. I am down 88 lbs and 24.6% BF since I walked into CrossFit in Aug. 2009. You guys are the best and you have changed my life!

Robby Cantrell
Done with the weigh in and very pleased! Thanks everyone for all the support and great ideas. Thanks Paula for all the help on the diet and killing me at the gym.

Victor Amuso
Actual contest days, 54. Weight lost, 33.5. Workouts, lost count. Giving a crap about what I eat, feeling good and making this my new lifestyle. PRICELESS!

Kim Suarez: 
Everyone did great and pushed themselves very hard during this challenge! I'm proud of you guys : ) *sniff
So who's gonna do the next challenge? I'm sizing up the competition! Lol

Ana Jimenez: 
Congratulations folks!!!
THANKS PAULA...You are the best!!!!!!
It has been great for many reasons. One however I want to mention: It has been wonderful getting to know the folks that show up at 8 am every morning! Thank you all for being there!!!! I am not done ...I am going to keep on doing what I have been doing since it works so well for me!!!!!

Zena Basdeo:
Thanks Paula ,I love where I have reached with my body fat just need to go down a tiny bit more. It was the best challenge I did so far ,just a tiny cheating but it worked for. Congrats to everyone else.