Just Get Started.

Paula Jager
Friday, October 13, 2017 - 11:32

Some of you have known me for years and seen my ups and downs (in pounds and in life!), but some of you have only known me for a little while. I think when people see me, they assume that I have an athletic background or have always looked the way I do now. The truth is, I didn't and I haven't!


When I was around 25, I hit my heaviest weight. I remember having trouble breathing going up a flight of stairs. I had to make a choice: keep this lifestyle going and get worse, or make a change. But, I didn't know where to start. So,  I yo-yo dieted, took diet pills, ran for long amounts of time and didn't eat. I fasted. I did cleanses. I tried saunas and belly wraps. Nothing seemed to stick. Because it was temporary or flat out didn't work at all. I realized that there was no way around it. The only way to lose weight and get healthy was to eat better food and exercise the right way.

I started off with doing a bootcamp at my previous employer. The workouts were fun and doable. I found out that I could move my body at a decent pace and was stronger than I thought. After a few months in that class, my friend introduced me to CrossFit. "It's like bootcamp, but harder." A HUGE Understatement. I came in confident, and got my ass handed to me. But, I was hooked.  That was eight years ago.



I knew from previous attempts at getting fit that I put on muscle easily. So I wasn't worried about becoming "bulky", but excited for the chance to lose weight AND get stronger. Because before finding CrossFit, I had no idea those two things could coexist. But, when I started, I continued to eat poorly. I was in the mindset that because I was working out so hard, my diet didn't need a change. I could "work it off" in the gym. It took TWO YEARS until I got the point. I did a nutrition challenge here at CF Jaguar and it changed my whole view on food. I learned that food is fuel. Not rewards or treats. I read about macros and caloric intake. I started off Paleo, went to Primal and then landed somewhere in between.  Currently, I stay within my macros, eat whole foods and try to keep the bad stuff to a minimum. I do the best I can to make myself feel good inside AND outside of the gym. Because that's what matters.

This was not an easy journey to go on. There is no simple fix. Eating well, exercising and being consistent is the only way to keep the weight off. I have constant issues with food, but I refuse to go back to the way I was.  I have my slip ups, but I get right back on track. I learned that I didn't have to accept the body I was in and the unhealthy life I was leading.





Photo cred: The FGL and All Out Athletics


I made a choice to change it and never look back. If you feel the same way, know that I am someone that completely understands. And I am happy to be a part of YOUR journey!

-Coach Kim