Paula Jager
Monday, September 23, 2019 - 07:23



Focus yields success.  FOCUS defined:  “Follow One Course Until Successful”.  I didn’t coin it but I like it.  Focus can also be described as “power”.  It’s the skill to gather all your abilities and focus on the task or goal at hand.  It is essential to success.

Let’s look at some situations in life where focus is a matter of life or death.  In military combat when enemy fire flies only one of you is going home that day.  Lose your focus and you will lose your life; being good is not always good enough. While the majority of us will not face military combat during our lives there are other situations where having focus will greatly increase the chances of success. When someone leaves the world of job security, steady paychecks, benefits and retirement plans for entrepreneurship they must sharpen their focus because few survive and even fewer thrive.

Let’s take focus into the gym, a common ground for most of us.  How many of us have made up our mind to go on a diet, lose the nagging 5 – 20 pounds or get a six pack for summer only to quit as soon as the chocolate cake was cut? The same goes for those committing to a new exercise routine, vowing to get in shape but after a week they quit and go drinking to relieve the pain in their muscles.

The ability to focus personal powers will allow you to achieve what you want in life.  Use the power of focus whether in a fight for your life, in business, in your diet and in the gym.  If you make up your mind to do something it is the ability of focus that gets the job done. It’s easy to have focus from breakfast to lunch or in a workout but to have focus for weeks, months and years is where the true power lies. You must stay successful beyond the goal to keep the weight off after you’ve lost it or to stay fit.

When you are in a focused state the words “I’ll try”, “I can’t” and “I’ll do it tomorrow” are forced out of your vocabulary.  True focus actually means “do or die”.  Do not focus on the belief that life is easy because it is not.  Set your goals high but back them with knowledge, plans, education, mentors and action.  Realize that along the way you will be uncomfortable, you will fail at times and ultimately you will grow from that and succeed.

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