Deadlift & Grow Beyond What You Are

Paula Jager
Wednesday, November 20, 2019 - 05:57


I am often asked “what can I do for my abs?” “what can I do to reduce lower back pain?” what can I do for my butt?  Ladies & Gentlemen the answer to all those questions is pick up the bar.  There are many great movements but one that comes to my mind is the deadlift.

The dead lift is one of the most fundamentally functional exercises there is.  Talk about a big bang for your buck.  And it is appropriate for all age groups.  If our hero - Trudy (pictured above) is able to deadlift at 89 and used it to overcome health issues I don't think you can give me a reason not to.

What are the benefits of the deadlift?



  • Builds muscle which is your best friend – more valuable than diamonds or gold

  • Enhances fat burning

  • Improves cardio – you question that?  Try a few of sets 10 deadlifts at only 65% of your 1 rm

  • “Core” strengthener – I prefer the term 'trunk', you call them “abs”.  A name is just that, DL’s will strengthen your abs, lower back and glutes which collectively composes that which is called the 'core' or 'trunk' (read more below)

  • reduces injury, more muscles are worked, better posture, increases real life strength

  • cheap and easy i.e. cost effective

  • increases hormone production

  • improves grip strength


Furthermore, deadlifting will strengthen the entire back and its surrounding muscles, making this lift great for rehabilitative and preventative purposes. In fact, the deadlift is the most effective exercise for building the core strength that supports all other major muscle groups.

Core strength (core pertaining to the central muscles of the body; lower back, glutes and the abdominal region) is a very important health component, in that it supports the body in almost every movement and position, and the deadlift is the key core strength building movement.

While there are many great compound exercises (the squat and bench press for example), the deadlift for a variety of reasons is special, and an essential addition to any program. Still not convinced? Here's just a few more reasons, read on. . .