Crossfit Jaguar Competitor Program

Paula Jager
Wednesday, May 3, 2017 - 08:46

The Crossfit Jaguar Competitors program is directed at making athletes stronger, and more skilled in the movements commonly found in local competitions. It is integrated with regular classes to preserve the community feel we all love about Crossfit.


Athletes interested in utilizing this program will need approval from Head Coach Eberle. The program is somewhat self-guided, so you must be proficient in all movements before beginning. Interested athletes should be performing 90% of class workouts at an RX level, and have a firm grasp of Olympic lifting technique. A list of standards has been created to use as guidelines. If you are not able to meet any of these, please discuss your goals with a coach. Individualized programming for skills and strength, as well as personal training is available for a fee.


The format is easy to follow. There will be sections A, B, C, and sometimes D. All sections are required, and should be done in order. You will notice there are no warm ups programmed, you may warm up with the class, or for the more advanced, warm up in the most effective way you see fit. Warm ups should be quick, and dynamic.

Section A is generally a replacement of the GPP (general physical preparedness) group skill focus. We emphasize Olympic lifting heavily, and we squat A LOT. Section B is normally the class Metcon. You will integrate back to the regular class and perform the Metcon. This keeps you together with the class, and gives you that peer motivation to push you harder. Section C is accessory, skill, or strength work. This is designed to keep you well rounded as an athlete, and maintain, sharpen, or develop proficiency in movements typically found in competition.

You will notice workouts programmed for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Thursday is a scheduled rest day. Rest is essential. I carefully manage volume with this program, and participants should not do any more than what is programmed. For best results, participants should strictly follow this program, and not bounce between this and regular classes, or any other programs.


Before beginning this program it is highly recommended you take a look at this article from Chris Spealler, and ask yourself (what am I training for). If you fall into group #3, it’s probably not going to be aggressive enough. If you are a group #1 athlete it’s important to note this program is not “better” than our GPP programming, it’s a different program for different goals. We believe our GPP program is beneficial for the majority of our athletes. In our group classes you will receive top notch coaching, as well as programming that is well rounded and challenging. If you are in group #2, this is the program for you!

We have seen a number of PRs, and excellent showings at local competitions with this program, and it has been proven to be effective. It my absolute pleasure running the program, and if you have any questions, please contact me at or ask me at the box.

Thank you,

Head Coach Eberle Funches


Gymnastics Standards: Male / Female (5 of 6 needed):

 Strict Pull ups: 5 / 3

Strict HSPU:   3 / 1

Pistols: > 10/ 10

Muscle ups (bar or ring): 3 / 1

Toes to bar: >10 / 7

Double unders: 20 unbroken

Weightlifting Standards (You should be comfortable using these weights in a metcon):

Deadlift 225 / 155

Back Squat / 1.25x bw / bodyweight

Clean and Jerk 185 / 130

Snatch 135 / 95

Bench mark wods done as RX (3 of 4 needed):