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Whoever you are - whatever body shape, age, or size - you DO have an athlete hiding inside. And we’ll help you find it at CrossFit Jaguar.

Walk through our doors and you’ll be amazed to see people from every spot on the spectrum getting great results with us. Stay-at-home moms, working professionals, weekend warriors, and more are seeing amazing gains by following our special blend of the CrossFit methodology. When you see us in action, you’ll understand why.

Our coaches use a perfect mix of passion, compassion, and insight (along with their many years of experience) to get our members moving and motivated. Yes, our WODs are tough. Yes, our programs will test your limits. But when we tap into your deepest motivations - your "why" - none of that matters. With the right attitude, great coaches, and a top-notch facility, you are UNSTOPPABLE.

Wherever you’re going - we’ll get you there. Welcome to CrossFit Jaguar.


Goals. Actions. Results. The time is now!


Part of your fitness journey includes learning new things. Take a stroll through our eBook Library to lay the foundation for growth and accomplishment. We look forward to working with you.


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don imageDon R.

I have always in the past been a weekend warrior, and amateur athlete , but in the last 6-8 years I have been a bit sedimentary as I have gotten older and busier. My career also changed and I am at a desk quite a bit more. I needed a structured way to get back in shape, and was curious about CrossFit. The reason I went to CrossFit Jaguar was location, location , location.

I have played many amateur sports, but have always had my own weight lifting equipment and believed in having it at my house for convenience, so I never really went to a gym or other more than once or twice, and have never went to anything like a "box". I had anxiety over going to my first class. The people there are so friendly, open and helpful that the anxiety lifted pretty quickly. This is probably attributed to the coaches who communicate extremely well. Now 7 weeks or so later, I want to go every day, and love it.

You will be around a group of great people. The way CrossFit Jaguar is set up, there is a place for everyone of all levels to enjoy , benefit and grow from. Get over any hesitancies you have initially and you will love it. And get ready to feel way better.

Gail imageGail B.

I started exercising at CrossFit Jaguar because I had been having difficulty with my general mobility. I am a retired Physical Therapist. Somehow I didn’t take the time to practice what I preached to the people who I worked with over the years.

Weight gain, diminished mobility and joint pain made exercise very challenging for me. I had tried going to regular gyms; but that didn’t work for me. I’d start and stop and so on. I knew that I needed to do something much sooner than later. I also knew that I wasn’t too old to get started.

My daughter, Kimberly Suarez, introduced me to CrossFit. She is an amazing athlete and a great coach. She encouraged me to give it a try. I was nervous about doing something so outside of my comfort zone and embarrassed about how I had let myself go. I found nothing but encouragement from everyone I met at CrossFit Jaguar.

My first coach was Kelly Gardner. We had a group called The Silvers. It was a group people around my age and ability. She pushed me to try even though I felt that I couldn’t do anything. Kimberly is my current coach. She tells me that when I feel that I want to quit, “do just one more”. It works. I use this mantra every time that I
feel like giving up. I do “just one more”.

My first achievement would be seen as a very simple act to someone else; but to me it meant so much. I was finally able to get onto and off the rower without help. That was huge for me that the time. My first PR was a 200 lb deadlift – twice!

My current goal is to complete one chin up (with or without help) and favorite memory would be the day that I decided to join CrossFit.

erica imageErica R.

What brought you to CrossFit in the first place? I just moved to Tampa to work for VF and I didn’t know anyone. I swam in college and loved the team aspect so I wanted to get into something similar without having to stare at the black line at the bottom of a pool anymore. I was always intrigued by CrossFit but I was honestly a little scared to get into lifting since we didn’t do a ton in school. When I heard work was doing a 12 week challenge at Jaguar I finally bit the bullet, took a tour, signed up, and started doing the VF lunch class twice a week.

What was your first impression? How has that changed? I remember the first class we had a TON of ring rows programmed and when I woke up the next morning I couldn’t extend my arms all the way. I walked around work like a T-Rex for almost 2 weeks. I busted my ass for 17 years swimming but I had never been sore like I was the first couple weeks of workouts. We were doing exercises and movements that targeted muscle groups I had never used before. It took me a while to feel comfortable doing the movements and lifts but I enjoyed learning so many new things. Not much has changed because I still enjoy learning new and better ways to do things, I just feel more comfortable with the workouts and pushing myself to new limits.

What was your first “achievement”? I would have to say doing the open this last year was my first big achievement. I got pushed to do it with a few ladies from the VF class. I ended up doing 17.5 RX.

What are you working on now? My goal for 2017 is to do a muscle up. I am still working on it but I hope I can get one really soon.

What’s your favorite Jaguar memory? My favorite and most painful memory was doing 17.5 RX. Those grueling 40 minutes made me realize the progress I had made in the two and a half years of coming to the gym 3-4 times a week during lunch.

tanya imageTanya H.

I started Crossfit because I was  getting bored of doing the same old things at Shapes Total Fitness.  I spoke to my friend Nikki and she convinced me to try a class.  It took a lot of convincing though because I read about CrossFit before and it seemed so intense.

The first time I came was a Wednesday and the skill was deadlifts.  I was able to do it so it wasn't so bad.  I was so amazed with what the members in the regular CF class were doing.  They looked like bad asses.  So I decided to come back one more time but this time it was a Saturday.  My husband came with me that day and we both felt like we were about to die.  Oh My God!  It was intense beyond anything I have ever experienced.  I told Nikki, "later for this sh*t, this is crazy!"  However I was reassured that not all classes are like that.  It was a while before they ever saw my face again though.

My first achievement was the rope climb.  It took me a whole year to get that skill down and I was beaming  from ear to ear when I finally did it.  I was so proud of myself.

I am currently working on learning how to do a proper handstand without any assistance.  I had a few private lessons and I know what I need to work on but I am still a little bit scared.  Eventually I will get it though.  I am not a quitter!

My favorite Jaguar memory would have to be when Nikki and I participated in the Jaguar competition last December.  Three WODS in one day?  It sounded like death, but I did it!  I was sore for several days though.  I love the fact that my son loves CF too and I have seen the difference it has done for him playing baseball.  The boy is a beast!